Pearl Slots Brings a New Concept to the Online Casino Industry

Pearl Slots launched their new and revolutionary online casino with expected turn out in the thousands for the first day.

Traditional online casinos allow only for players to play quietly, and alone, against the casino. By harnessing social mediums like forums, blogs and social networks, Pearl Slots is looking to become established as the first truly social online casino.

"The plan is to offer intereactive contests with huge prizes to keep users engaged. We are expecting to operate at a mere 10% of the profitbability of a normal casino, but with such higher volume and customer retentionr that we should achieve a higher monthly net profit than any current online casino. Basically, we are betting in our belief that players will recognize the superior gaming experience we offer."

Pearl Slots has been hiring some of the industry's top managers. With over 32 years experience, this e-gaming dream team is sure to create a brand worth noting.

User feedback is one of our greatest weapons when it comes to defeating our competitors. We are going to be much more entuned to our players comments, which will allow us great customer satisfaction and retention. In fact over 5 different versions of our site were created with the help of a 20 person-test group. It took month's, but we feel we now have a design that truly reflects our vision; to be the future of slots.

While the Pearl Slot management is optimistic, only time, and gamblers, will tell if they live up to their vision.

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